Exploring College and Careers

What path should you choose after high school?

There’s a lot to think about when considering life after high school. First you need to figure out what you want to do. Then you have to figure out how to make it happen. What interests you? What lifestyle do you want? How much income and education will you need?

Invest in What's Next: Life After High School is an interactive online resource that can help you answer these questions as you explore your options.

  1. Create a free account.

    Visit to create your account. Signing up only takes a minute and allows you to save your choices as you build a plan for your future!

  2. Complete Lesson 1, “Exploring My Options.”

    Explore your job interests and desired lifestyle, consider levels of education needed to reach your goals, and research school options that are right for you.

  3. Complete Lesson 2, “Budgeting for My Future.”

    Examine your education funding options, manage student loans, and balance your desired lifestyle with your expected future income.

  4. Complete Lesson 3, “Evaluating My Plan.”

    Review your future plan, test it against scenarios to see how it stands up to unexpected events, and create additional plans for comparison.